INDEAL is a manufacturer of gourmet products coated in chocolate, including figs, dates and crisps, characterized by its clear vocation for exporting food products, currently, surprising both for innovation and for its high quality, making it exquisite products. This way we have started a line of business orientated towards the merchandising of delicatessen products bathed in chocolate. Responsibility and commitment are vital to us to define the personality or our company.
In this webpage you will find an exquisite selection of original bonbons, different because of their taste and the quality of their products. We are specialized in handcrafted fig bonbons, presenting 3 varieties: of Belgian chocolate and stuffed with truffle or praline, and of white chocolate stuffed with truffle. It is a delicatessen bonbon that you can buy online, and in the most outstanding gourmet shops.


Innovation has brought us here and it is this which distinguishes a leader from the rest. Our motto is not follow the path, because we would go where others have already been. For this reason, our desire to excel at research, leads us to create innovative, fascinating and imaginative products.


We work for the best raw materials and the selection of these, together with a careful process, which results in our product catalog and innovation whose taste surprise even the most discerning palates. Flavors and innovations to surprise even the most demanding palates.

Now you can enjoy the best quality and exquisiteness of our candy in the most comfortable way. Access via a single click to our online store where you can buy the best gourmet candies and chocolates from our catalog.


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Now is possible enjoy the best quality of our sweets in the most comfortable way. Enter with one-click to our online shop, where you can adquire the best sweets and bonbons of our catalog.